We are about being blessed to be a blessing.  We are about recognizing the gifts of others as we share our gifts of service. Here is just a small sampling of the blessings we encounter during MSP!

MSP is not only a home repair ministry for those economically challenged and in need of help with their homes in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  It is much more!  We strive to acknowledge and recognize the God-given gifts of all, share those gifts while learning to accept the gifts of others, build relationships with each other and God.  We join God in our communities where God is already working.  We give God the glory in all we do!


share with the children of the community

There are many opportunities to share and build relationships with the children of the community of the families we go to serve.  


recognize the gifts of others

We learn to recognize the gifts of others as we go to serve with our gifts!



Build, Grow, & Share the love of our awesome GOD!

We form relationships, share our gifts, recognize and accept other's gifts.  We give God the glory! We are the body of Christ!