The main criteria for acceptance into MSP will be the commitment of the mission team to families/persons/
ministries served, the project’s ministry and theology.  The written application is an expression of this commitment.  The application process itself can be a learning and growing experience, which helps groups to start thinking seriously about why they are participating in this mission experience and begin their preparation for this experience.

The application should not be completed by the pastor, youth minister, or the contact person.  We ask that the entire group, both youth and adults, set aside time to read and study the information paper and work together developing the statement of commitment.  We would like for the group to answer the following questions and for each participant to sign the final application.  

1.    Discuss your group’s motivations and expectations in relationship to the following subjects:

a.   Those you come serve

        b.   How you will serve

        c.   Your group goals for the MSP mission experience

2.  What ways would your group incorporate a desire to serve others into your mission experience?

3.  The information paper talks about the necessity of self-sacrifice and being a servant.  What are your group’s understandings of the    concepts of servant-hood and sacrifice?

4.  The mission experience asks for commitment in many parts of its program.  Will you commit yourselves to any team meetings    scheduled by your Team Leader with the MSP materials or similar materials?  Why or why not?

5.  What other commitments would your group like to make as part of the mission experience?