• Complete ONLINE individual (youth or adult) MSP REGISTRATION FORMS;

  • Personal Covenant and Release Forms are to be printed, filled out, signed and given to the Youth Director

  • LINKS to Required Individual Missioner forms are listed below for both Youth (under 18) and Adults (18 or older). Please fill in ALL BLANKS!

  • If a youth will be turning 18 before or during MSP, adult paperwork MUST be completed!

  • ONCE we get ALL COMPLETED PAPERWORK, we will be able to match your team with a project. The MSP Construction Coordinator will contact your construction leader to discuss your mission. The TOOL LIST AND PERSONAL PACKING LIST is available online, on Facebook and Instagram. Any SPECIAL TOOLS needed will be discussed at time of Construction Coordinator's call!

  • QUESTIONS: Whitney Hellums, MSP Registrar -- Call or text: (956)802-9630 or email:


ADULTS             (18 & over)

Personal Covenant (REQUIRED)

ADULT Statement of Activities and Release of Liability Form (REQUIRED)


*“TRUSTed Con Confianza” Certification

*“Safe gathering” certification (includes background check, video training, and references) Please follow your Conference Procedures in place and provide copy of Certificate.

*Both of these items take some time, so please plan AHEAD. These should be completed several weeks ahead of the mission. AN ADULT THAT DOES NOT have this documentation, will NOT be allowed to work or supervise youth.

**If you are from another Conference please follow your Conference procedures and provide us with a copy of the letter.   




*     NOTE: Everyone is required to have insurance. If there is someone without insurance please contact me.

** The forms that we have are important and we take them seriously, therefore  ALL PAPERWORK MUST BE COMPLETE -- ALL BLANKS FILLED IN and ALL COMPLETED PAPERWORK is DUE NO LATER than Thursday, MAY 30th!  NO ADDITIONS after May 3th! 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.