INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING forms:  LINKS to Required Individual Missioner forms are listed below for both Youth (under 18) and Adults (anyone 18 or older). Please fill in ALL BLANKS!  Thank you!

You may either:

  • fill them out directly on the link below, copy, properly sign and have your signature witnessed if asked, and return to the TEAM LEADER/YOUTH DIRECTOR, (except for the Certificate of Child & Youth Protection Training and Background checks for the Adults - refer to note).  or...

  • copy from the link below, complete all blanks (PRINT) by hand, properly sign and have signature witnessed if asked.  


ADULTS (Over 18)

Personal Covenant

Medical Information and Release Form - Insurance Required (if adult does not have insurance, please call for information regarding mission insurance)

Statement of Activities and Release of Liability Form

Certificate of Completion of Child & Youth Protection Training (Safe Sanctuaries)  --  Refer to Pages 10-11 in the Team Packet Information.  Please follow your Conference Procedures in place.

Background Check Letter --  for Rio Texas Conference Church go to link below.  If you are from another Conference please follow your Conference procedures.   




*     NOTE: Everyone is required to have insurance. If there is someone without insurance please contact me for information on how to purchase an inexpensive temporary insurance for this mission.

** Witnessing a signature:  The signatures on our forms must be “Witnessed” by another adult.  We are doing this instead of asking you to have them notarized.  A witness to a signature on a document is a “Person who observes (witnesses) the signing (execution) of a legal document (instrument) and verifies its authenticity by putting his or her signatures on it.”  Only an adult 18 years or older not related to the signer, please.  The forms that we have are important and we take them seriously, therefore  ALL PAPERWORK MUST BE COMPLETE -- ALL BLANKS FILLED IN!  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.